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Vidiq Pro Apk Download For Android 2022: Vidiq Pro Free Download

vidIQ is a web education website that gives video tutorials and analytics on YouTube channel growth. the website conjointly includes a Google Chrome extension, that permits users to research YouTube analytics knowledge. vidIQ has usually been compared with the Google Chrome extension TubeBuddy, which has similar options to vidIQ.

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VidIQ vs TubeBuddy [2022]

The main difference between VidIQ and TubeBuddy is:

  • TubeBuddy is available as a  Chrome extension, Firefox, and Safari browser extensions, while VidIQ extension is only available for Chrome browser extensions
  • TubeBuddy provides more advanced analytics and data, whereas VidIQ’s analytics are more basic
  • VidIQ’s paid plan’s start at a lower price point of $7.50 per month, whereas TubeBuddy starts at $9 per month