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Affiliate Websites in Bangladesh: Affiliate Marketing Jobs In Bangladesh

The world's largest e-commerce websites do not support Bangladesh. Due to a lot of fraud in Bangladesh, most e-commerce websites are not able to build their business properly.

As a result, most of the affiliate marketers in Bangladesh do affiliate marketing targeting other countries. However, there are many e-commerce sites in Bangladesh that support affiliate programs. So let's find out.


BDSHOP.COM Affiliate:

BDSHOP.COM is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in Bangladesh. If you want, you can also earn income from them through affiliates. You can sell their products and earn a good amount of commission from them.

BD Shop mainly deals with various electronic gadgets. You will also find other products from them. BD Most of you can earn a maximum of 6% commission per product.

SOHOJ Affiliate:

With sohoj affiliate, you will get a good income every month. Because from simple you can earn a maximum of 10% commission income on each product.

On this website, you can buy many types of products


SHOPNOBARI supports e-commerce websites and affiliate programs. So from here also you will get a good monthly income through the affiliate program.

From this website, they pay a maximum 12% -15% commission on every product sold. In addition, you can apply for a payment of only 500 rupees, and you will receive it in seven days.

SOHOZSELL Affiliate:

SOHOZSELL is a complete e-commerce website. Here you will find all kinds of products. You can also earn money from affiliate marketing from this website.

You can earn money through affiliate marketing here with any category, and take payments through development.

JHAKKASH Affiliate:

You can also do affiliate marketing from JHAKKASH. The biggest advantage here is that your cookies are bookmarked for 30 days. As a result, if someone buys a product from your link within 30 days, you will get up to a 9% commission.

DIANA HOST Affiliate:

DIANA HOST lets you do affiliate marketing by buying and selling domains and hosting.

Diana Host will pay you 1.5% -5% commission per sale of domain and hosting. Besides, you can apply for payment only if it is 500 rupees.


POPULAR HOST BD supports affiliate programs through the sale of websites and digital products. Here you can affiliate by selling domain and hosting.

They will give you up to 10% commission on every sale of domain and hosting.

10 MINUTE SCHOOL Affiliate:

10 MINUTE SCHOOL is a popular online learning center in Bangladesh. But here also you can do affiliate marketing by selling different types of books.

They will give you a 15% to 20% commission per book sold.

Besides, Bangladesh has many more affiliate websites. I have shared with you the websites that I like the most.